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Demonstrate what makes America great

August 9, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Marianne Williamson proclaimed that it is time for a radical truth about race. She said, "Race is part of the dark underbelly of the American society," then chided other candidates over more ambitious pledges to cure the country's larger ill. She said, "I almost wonder why some of you are Democrats"- "you seem to think there is something wrong with using the instruments of government to help people."

So why was she called the longest of the shots on the stage of candidates to capture her party's nomination for president? I think that reflects the orientation of the author, who is not a member of those groups who are being suppressed by today's hateful rhetoric.

So let me thank her for reminding Democrats of who we are.

Democrats are the party that promote the common good, we have supported government as the necessary force for good. In contrast to the other party that promotes division, contrasts, rich against poor, etc.

Trump (Republicans) has made his campaign pledge to re-fight the Civil War (slavery, racism), vitriol attacks on multiple groups which he feels are weak, lacks support and will please his base of hate mongers.

Democrats should state the facts, denounce the president for these wrongs, continue to reach out and support the groups he suppressed. Call him out with our party's agenda to heal the ills that he is causing this country. Unite instead of divide, we will win the heart and soul of America.

We will demonstrate what makes America great.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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