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Tax break, what tax break?

August 9, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

City of Cape Coral City Manager wants to give us a tax break?

He talks about a tax break but when you get the letter of non ad valorem assessments, you get another picture. An increase in stormwater fees, an increase in solid waste fees and fire assessment fees up?

This is all this city manager knows how to do -- increase fees and taxes, like the one on our electric bills as well.

Don't you think it's time to find a city manager who can run this city without all these fees, and taxes.

He could not even come to terms with LCEC. Look at all the money he wasted on that, and then the city rewards him with a raise. Then our city mayor goes on vacation to China on our tax dollars.

One thing these people are good at in city hall is wasting our tax dollars and coming up with new fees and taxes.

Think time has come to find people that can do this job without all these fees and taxes?

Roy Spegele

Cape Coral



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