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Ban assault weapons!

August 9, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

This phrase is bandied about through our most distrusted media. It says nothing. The wording is meaningless and unreasonable. The actions of a few violent individuals have the power to alter the very meaning of our Constitutional rights? This is sheer stupidity uttered and promoted by the political hopefuls and the unreliable media outlets.

How would this even be accomplished? Is the government, from whom this very Second Amendment was created to protect our population from, going to confiscate those weapons from the lawful citizens who did not and would not, use such weapons unlawfully? The problem is not the weapon but the actions of those who can never be controlled. These recent attackers walked among us and we felt no danger from them.

This country is unique to the world precisely because of our Constitution and the absolute protections it guarantees its citizens. All over this world such heinous actions take place in countries that already forbid its citizens from owning such weapons and the attacks still occur. In this country 45% of the households have firearms.

The phrase is simple to say but it is beyond complex to imagine that the surrender of firearms in this country could ever be a reality and not be devastating in its effect upon our population.

Our Constitution is powerful because it remains intact as written.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.



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