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The new normal?

August 9, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well, it's happened again ... approximately 29 innocent lives gunned down within hours of each horrific scene. Now we will all read/hear the usual "condemnation" of the atrocious acts and the sending of "thoughts and prayers" for the victims and their families by the public, members of the entertainment industry and, of course, our wonderful politicians in Washington. However, nothing ever seems to change... The usual arguments for and against owning guns, gun control, background checks, mental health awareness and so forth will now commence.

Personally, I believe in the right to legally own a firearm for protection, especially in the crazy times we all now live in. However, the assault rifle style weapons used in the majority of the deadliest mass shootings have no place in the average person's hands. Only the military or law enforcement should have access to them, much to the loud opposition of the NRA, fanatics of the Second Amendment, and the enthusiasts of these type of weapons.

Regardless, even if these were all banned and outlawed tomorrow, the criminal element or those deranged individuals looking to do harm to others would still find a way or means to acquire them. But at least it would be a big start.

So is this now the new normal? Where we take our chances by sending our kids to school, attending a concert, going to a sporting event or a movie theater, attending church, socializing at a club/bar/restaurant or even doing something as basic like shopping? Nothing ever seems to change ... with the sad exception of the overall number of lives lost to these cowardly, senseless acts ...

Rod Hudgins

Cape Coral



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