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Immigrants deserve respect

April 12, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is with pain that I share this. Yesterday, as I was in a meeting, a participant said that they thought immigrants were lazy and not dependable. This immediately brought me back to the issue of slave labor and minority labor that was used to build this country, something I've had to struggle with my entire life, to succeed in the face of bias.

I must defend this with all the vigor I can muster, not just for me but for all those who work so hard but have no voice.

Immigrants, as well as minorities, are proud and really want to show that they can and will exceed the majority in every task. They bear the pain and they have the will to succeed.

Who do you see day after day, seven days a week working in Southwest Florida and throughout the United States, rain or shine?

They have many reasons to be motivated: Oppression in the United States, oppression and violence in the home country, paying off the coyotes, or paying a contract just to get them a job in the U.S.

I ask you to read some about the immigration problem on our southern border. The Nation: February 11/18/2019 page 18, "Washington trained Guatemala's killers," and a related issues going on in Venezuela, The Nation:March 11/18/2019, page 4 "Advice for Maduro." Both issue involve the United States government for which you have so much pride.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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