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More mines: The ‘need’ is greed

February 21, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am a former elected Luzerne County Council Member from Hazleton, PA. believe in responsible government. I moved to Southwest Florida because of the wildlife and agricultural area. I grew up around strip mines. I never intended to spend the next three decades surrounded by lime rock mining when I selected a home southeast of SR 82. If the fast track conversion of agricultural land is rezoned to mining, no longer will I smell and see the orange blossoms.

What is going on? I attended the hearings covering the rezoning of the Troyer Brothers farm and the LPA meeting recommending the elimination of Map 14. Why include exceptions and eliminate thoughtful protections?

The Lee County Commissioners must be held accountable. Money is the driving force for rezoning agriculture to mining. The need is greed. Greed, a voracious hunger for money, is destructive and selfish.

It is obvious our appointed and elected officials are not taking pause to consider smart economic growth. The real concerns about water quality are ignored. Most live on well water on SR82. Reduced accountability for future mine proposals is not responsible government.

It is obvious there are orchestrated tactics made to ensure wealth for a few at a tremendous devastating cost to many.

Deeply concerned,

Kathy Dobash



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