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Public input ignored

February 7, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Last Monday Night's Mayor and Council Meeting was something to behold! The Resolution to allow alcohol at Sun Splash was discussed by residents at Citizens Input and not by the Mayor and Council!

Residents attempted to shed light on the downfall of doing this to all the deaf ears on the dais! The only one listening from on high was Councilmember Jessica Cosden.

Points made included the following:

User fees need to be raised if they do not cover the expenses of Sun Splash. Why add alcohol to accomplish that??? Alcohol and the sun is not a good mix. The heat etc. enhances the effects of alcohol

Disney does sell alcohol but ONLY in certain restaurants while having a meal and not on the general premises

Sun Splash is for the children and ALL attention should be on the children!

There have been a couple of polls taken on this subject. One was on FB and last I heard, over 1000 people responded and the majority were against alcohol at Sun Splash. The other was on the Breeze showing: 74 percent voting NO to alcohol at Sun Splash. It takes just one obnoxious drunk to ruin the day of a family or families.

Note the word "Family" in the name of the park. Although the park staff promises safeguards will be in place to prevent overindulgence, determined drinkers will find ways around them. No mention was made as to where the alcohol could be consumed! There is tremendous liability to the residents and taxpayers should an unfortunate incident take place!

Just think of the Dixie mess! They hired an attorney to go after the city after their extended hours permit was suspended so then the city hires a lawfirm to defend the city's position. Guess who pays - the residents and taxpayers!

The liability could and would be catastrophic should a bad situation arise. Think about all the horrific events taking place and you think adding alcohol to a kiddies' swim park is a good idea? This could very well be a recipe for disaster.

I humbly suggested that they vote this resolution down for all the sound reasons stated. Their minds were made up before they got to the meeting and proceeded to approve it with the exception of Councilmember Jessica Cosden. They just went ahead and voted for it!

Then the Parks Director subsequently asked for hundreds of thousands for new equipment for Sun Splash without batting an eye! Who is handling the budget and maintenance program there? No one appears to be doing that!

What a fine example this Mayor and Council is setting for the children by exposing them at a tender age to alcohol consumption and this is how you enjoy a swim facility for children! They are more concerned about their going to China and taking the mayor's assistant with them at the expense of a friend of the mayor!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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