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Hot and cold season

January 25, 2019
By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Happy New Year, welcome to a new Southwest Florida season.

Hot and cold temperatures are truly a specialty this new year. A touch of cold air starts off the day with a splash of our nice Florida sunshine, right in the middle. A reasonable give and take, I guess, however it does seem like this is past fall and into winter season, according to calendar, and not a necessary event, time after time.

I only have one seasonal sweater to wear and people are now beginning to think I do not have any other clothes to wear. Alas, even though I was raised in Michigan, I have long ago traded my love of 49 degree mornings and nights for the beautiful 70s and 80s of Southwest Florida.

Is this part of climate change we are all reading about? I am not sure yet, I have no way of measuring all this change. I am not sure there are any locals who can explain it either. I do hear plenty of explanations, not based on any scientific studies, as yet.

The political climate has more clout right now, and actually no one can explain all those kinds of changes, except for a cry of "my way, my way." Without any "way."

I do notice that Southwest Florida is still an attractive place for the masses, no matter the climate or slime. Traffic has doubled and road construction has doubled, that is a nice consistent change for the fall.

Weekends are getting more and more social. With the football season winding down, everyone will be outside to partake in the many local events that are scheduled.

I am not as enthusiastic about all these happy events nowadays. I love the events but not the long walks from the parked car to the main event. I think I may just not be gardening enough nowadays, so am in a slump of my own making. In the garden there is always something to be done, or even just admired, because it has already been done.

I was checking out the new Rotary Public Garden plots over by City Hall the other day. A nice sunny day. Not a soul in the locked garden site, but lots of gardening plots full of greens and flowers, and not a weed in site.

I have talked to someone that has been gardening over there and her husband has been busy crafting great salads with their bounty of greens and root veggies they are growing.

The soil is first rate, and they even have raised beds still available (my speed nowadays). Maybe I just need a climate change to stop fussing about the weather ups and downs, and dig in.

I may need some advice on which end is up and which is down for planting, but gosh, lots of high school kids are growing hundreds of pounds of fresh produce in the Cape and gladly sharing it with others. Why not me?

It has been a long time since Michigan farming, so I may have to grow a few edible flowers just in case my crop grows the wrong way.

My daddy, always a happy man, said, "When the sun shines, make hay." We never did grow any hay but he was a happy man behind that plow.

Till we meet again, keep happy, we need all the happy we can get.

H.I. Jean Shields is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.



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