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Nelson is the poster child for term limits

November 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Nelson is the poster child for term limits

To the editor:

Well, here we are two days after the election and crybaby Nelson can not accept rejection. He finally found out what the people of Florida think about him; shame it took so long. Now he has to go get a real job.

Oh, wait, he can't - he is too damn old, does not have a resume worth a darn, can't draw Social Security, (never paid into it,) and his retirement should be taken away from him; it is not his money. Welfare is out too.

And through this all I just can not find any sympathy for him for as much as he has screwed the Florida people.

We all need to flood our congressmen and senators with letters for serving only two terms and no retirement to stop what Nelson and others have done to the American people. They have to realize that this is not a JOB they are elected to serve US.

Charles Presser

Saint James City



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