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Why would anyone not want to be a Democrat?

October 4, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Why would anyone not want to be a Democrat?

1.The Democratic Party is now an identity political Party. They focus on over 20 special interest groups such as unions and Planned Parenthood; the rest of America has to wait for a Republican before they can enjoy a good economic atmosphere and security around the world.

2.Roosevelt started Social Security. Unfortunately Lyndon Johnson demolished it by opening up the Social Security bank so that money could be spent to pay for War on Poverty, the Vietnam War and subsequently any other program that might capture votes.

3.Medicare has 20 percent fraud and our health care is 35 percent higher than the second most expensive country in the world. Our longevity is 31st among nations

4.Pharmaceuticals are 140 percent higher in America than the second most expensive country. Our foods are full of sugar, preservatives, chemicals and our animals are harvested in confined and often unsanitary conditions.

5.Democrats voted against the civil rights law in 1965. It passed only because of Republicans who carried the day. Unfortunately, with the War on Poverty came welfare, the end result being the breakup of the family and 80 percent of kids being born out of wedlock today

6.With all the laws about banking, Wall Street, consumer protection, etc., the rich prospered more under Obama than at any time in our history. Banks and Wall Street (very big contributors to the Democratic Party) are protected by government so they cannot go broke while the small consumer and small business man has no protection.

7.Roosevelt and Obama reigned over the longest recoveries in our history. They both unsuccessfully tried to spend our way out of a recession. Debt doubled under Obama.

8.Our universities are controlled by Democrats. College tuition is constantly increasing beyond inflation making a college education prohibitively expensive without student loans that are now in the $1.5 trillion range, enslaving many graduates. Universities resist free speech when it comes from conservatives.

9.To be a good Democrat you have to be Pro-Choice. Since 1973, over 55 million unborn babies have been aborted.

Yes we certainly owe a lot to the Democrats but not as much as they owe us.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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