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Let love, not fear, drive your vote

October 4, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I just received a very enlightening piece of voter mail. It is called the "2018 Voter Registration Confirmation Survey." I think I now understand why some people voted the way they did. The mailer talks about there being an anti-Christian left that wants to "eliminate Christianity." Lie! People like my family who are, yes, on the left believe in religious freedom for all.

The mailer states that "Democrats have pledged to impeach Trump." Lie! If Trump is found guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors'" everyone should want him impeached.

The mailer says the "left has a commitment to open borders and America will look like a Third World County." Lie! We want our immigration laws fairly enforced. Enforcement of all our laws is hard as they are broken every day. People kill, rob, lie under oath, commit adultery, don't pay taxes, conspire, speed etc.

The mailer stated that the "Anti American Left" wants "America to be governed by the "United Nations - Not our Constitution." Lie! No one believes this! Who thinks up these false statements?

Now comes the real purpose for the mailer.

They want a donation and if I don't donate that means I want "open borders" and I want "Christianity erased from American public life." Sad, very sad lies.

The mailer repeats many times that the left wants to erase Christianity. The left has tried to erase bigotry and hate! The left does believe in "Do onto others as your would have others do onto you." "Give me your tired, your poor," "Love Thy Neighbor."

I sent back the survey with answers they will not count. I will be voting but not for people that condone Trump's 5,000-plus lies like "he will provide better cheaper health care."

I will vote for people who do "Love Their Neighbor!"

Karen Koehn

Cape Coral



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