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Summer's end

September 21, 2018
By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS - Garden Club of Cape Coral , Cape Coral Daily Breeze


Wow, we are ending this summer on a hot note for sure.

Hurricane season ends Nov. 30, as usual each year. We can depend on the calendar date but watch your weather channels because once in a while Mother Nature forgets the date.

The date for no fertilizing might as well be NOW. As we start our mowing and fall gardening, pay attention and keep your fertilizer in the garden, on your lawn and 10 feet from any waterways. No grass blowing into streets and canals.

Daylilies species and hybrids seemed happy this year. A great and colorful plant to try. They need good drainage and sometimes the sun is a bit hot, but they will survive. They can be cut back for a tidy look, and they come in tall and small sizes. Read plant tags. Seedlings from summer can be transplanted this fall.

Daylilies are perennials, however some are more durable than others. Their fan-like foliage is very attractive even without their beautiful blooms.

A good time for dividing these plants is October.

Each daylily blooms for one day only but they do differ in their like a and dislikes in the garden. You will discover that each scape (stalk) will have more blooms to replace the spent blooms.

I do not know of any local daylily societies, however when you see plants growing, ask their gardener what type they have and will they share a division or two with you.

Nurseries and plant tags should tell you size and bloom color. You can plant drifts of these flowers or just one or two as an accent plant.

They do have pests, of course. Right now it seems to be a heavy aphid season. You can hose off the sucking little critters before they do too much damage. Do not go wild with the hose, however. One gentle spraying a week may not do enough though.

I have some family members who do not have any daylilies growing but do have some tomato plants still producing and the aphids are of swarming like bees. Difficult to hose down because they love to do their munching underneath the leaves and need a thorough hose-down.

I think the poor plant is pretty delicate, after producing most of the summer, however it is not turning yellow, yet.

I am all for replacing it with nice sturdy fall plants. Each gardener has a right to care for their plants their way and who am I to decide their demise. Especially when I am not asked.

The city gardens over by the Cape Coral City Hall are just about ready for rental by city residents. Parks and Rec has been planning this great project for a couple of years.

The dedication of these plots is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29. The Rotary Club is involved and there will be a shed to store tools and several raised beds for the handicapped gardeners.

I understand that the fee for a plot will be $100. And they will have soil in place and also mulch available.

Today is Peace Day, so peace to all till we meet again.

H.I. Jean Shields is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.



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