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Time to fire Rooney

September 6, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The primary responsibility of our elected representatives is to ensure our well-being. Congressman Francis Rooney now has a track record by which we can measure what he has accomplished to that end.

Although claiming to be a champion of workers, safe water for Floridians and Everglades restoration, Rooney's record consistently belies that claim. His votes attack women's rights, the environment, consumer and worker protections, public education, and affordable health care. He voted for an unnecessary tax cut package that will saddle our children and grandchildren with unprecedented debt.

Rooney stated at a Fort Myers town hall that he wanted to cut Medicare in order to fund the military. He disrespected that same audience by accusing them of being paid when they asked tough questions. At a town hall held after the Parkland school shooting, Rooney refused to consider a ban on assault weapons, instead promoting stronger background checks. He omitted that he voted to rescind two regulations that were meant to do just that.

We are now facing environmental disaster in South Florida, in part because Rooney has failed miserably at his signature mission to protect our precious ecosystem. His record demonstrates that he is a threat to our well-being. Rooney should be fired.

We have a choice on Nov. 6. David Holden, the Democrat running to unseat Rooney, is everything Rooney is not. Holden values, respects and cares about us. And he has a common sense plan to address the issues that matter. Holden has my vote.

Mary Wilson




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