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Whose America is it?

June 29, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Many protest the treatment of those immigrants who broke our nation's laws by breaching our borders and illegally entering our country - although it is paramount that all those detained in custody breaking our nation's laws are housed and fed until they can plead their case for asylum at the cost of the American citizens' tax dollars.

How ironic that these people breaking our laws plead their case of asylum because of poverty and violence in their countries and. by the way. which was scripted in their migration orders before they left their countries of origin. Yet, these individuals were able to pay thousands of dollars to human mules to escort them to and across the border.

When the true tragedy is addressed in this nation by providing help and housing on military bases to those homeless veterans rather than those illegally in our country, then and only then, will we truly be a nation of caring and giving citizens.

One-third of our homeless veterans, according to statistics, suffer from the results of the horrors of war in protecting this nation's freedoms. Yet the media focuses on this so-called hyped up mistreatment on our borders of those guilty of breaking our laws who are treated so much better than our homeless veterans.

A classic unscrupulous media act again occurred on the recent cover of TIME Magazine which depicted a picture of a young illegal immigrant child crying looking up at President Trump because of his zero tolerance policy. The truth was that that child was never separated from her mother when the mother was being searched. Later, TIME apologized when the truth was revealed after this poisonous picture was distributed. Just another caveat that concerns the validity in addressing the media handling of this illegal immigration problem by the President. By the way, the mother of this child crying was deported from the United States in 2013 and now faces felony charges on her illegal return.

Unfortunately, telling the truth comes in second many times to the "news"-selling media.

Our true heroes of this nation will continue to suffer while those breaking our nation's laws reap the benefits. Those citizens and those here illegally protesting against mistreatment will continue to protest. Only the true Americans can provide help and assistance to those in need wherever they may be. As veterans our experience came from our past in writing a blank check to the United States of America, in the amount of, up to and including our lives.

Freedom of the Press provided by the lives and sacrifices of our nation's veterans will continue. The truths and untruths will continue. Articles may be accepted and many will be rejected depending on the editor's choice or sway. But our allegiance to this nation will never sway in the wind.

Please wake up America.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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