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The California solution

June 29, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We have North Carolina and South Carolina, North Dakota and South Dakota, West Virginia and Virginia. States, in the past, have divided when the masses in the region were discontented and the inhabitants, in great numbers, were traveling contrasting courses.

And, that is exactly the situation in California today.

Nancy Pelosi along with a demented governor has steered the state in a direction known as insolvency. Taxes are sky high and almost half of the state's population are being punished for the idiocy of the elected officials!

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others have violated the federal law by calling themselves "sanctuary cities." They have refused to cooperate with the federal authorities and have placed law enforcement officers at risk. Millions, in areas that choose to be law-biding citizens, are fed up with escalating taxes, in order to support criminals crossing the border illegally.

These same people are not happy with California disrespecting the United States government and they do not want to support the continuation of criminal activities, which include illegal drugs running wild as a result of criminal crossings of the border.

The answer is to remove the "good" people from being forced to join the Pelosi-Schumer parade and permit them to once again respect their state and themselves. The dopey Dems want to do their own things, irrespective of the law, and by dividing the state, "fairness" for the "good" people will prevail, as far as taxes are concerned. "Good" people should not be forced to be paying for the Pelosi-Schumer un-American travesty.

Divide the State without delay, and add that to the remarkable President Trump's achievements.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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