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Void of compassion

June 8, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There are many things that we all agree on that makes us proud of our nation. That doesn't imply we're a perfect nation.

As a child I grew up in a segregated community. It never made any sense to me as a child, or later as an adult. Slavery, and racism are great stains on our nation. Our government's treatment of Native Americans is another shameful part of our history. We created internment camps for American citizens that had a Japanese heritage during World War II, and it was another example of our imperfections.

Now we're creating another future piece of history that will not be treated kindly. This event is something that is abhorrent to civilized nations around the world, and should be to all Americans. I still struggle to realize it's not some fake news. In trying to play to their base, Donald Trump's administration created a policy that is absolute cruelty, reprehensible, shameful and against every principal of what we thought made our nation special in the world.

The policy of separating immigrant children and babies from their parents will rank as one of our nation's darkest hours. These children are actually being kept in warehouses, empty Walmart stores and other undisclosed locations. Our government is not keeping track of the children, or where their parents are. Can you imagine the fear and terror we're subjecting these families, and especially the children to?

Before anyone attempts to give Trump a free pass on this, we need to remember that Donald Trump is in charge of ICE, and the Attorney General was a Trump pick. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has publicly commented on his approval of this policy. All of us share in the shame and stigma of this cruel, vile policy. We've got a leader that is void of even a basic sense of human decency. This policy is absolute proof of that. Members of the House and Senate are seemingly powerless, or lack the courage to stop this. How black-hearted do you need to be to think taking children away from parents, and placing them in warehouses will "Make America Great Again."

It's time for those of us that are not void of compassion to get off the bench and in the game. We need to call the office of every one of our elected officials in Washington and tell them to do something to stop this cruel madness. We need to tell them that we expect action, not words. This is a defining moment for our nation. If we don't think cruelty targeted at babies and young children is acceptable then all of us need to start putting massive pressure on our leaders to stop this, and stop it now.

I'm only one voter, one voice, but I'm making these comments public to encourage others to join with me. Those that proclaim to have strong religious beliefs need to consider that when you arrive in St. Peter's Gate you may be asked what did you do when your government, in your name, inflicted this cruelty on innocent children. I remember a Biblical passage from my Sunday School years in which Jesus said, "What you do for the least of these, you do for me."

Kenny Belford

Cape Coral



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