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Washington is out of control

May 11, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It would be interesting to track the movements of our elected officials in Washington D.C., on a day-to-day basis.

We assume that members of the House and the Senate wake up in the morning, spend time cleaning up, having their breakfast, dressing - and then what? Specifically, what do they do with themselves for the rest of the day?

On the one side we have the un-American obstructionists. This is the group whose only interest is in standing in the way of progress or making good things happen for the American people. They wander around doing nothing of any constructive value just waiting for the Pelosys and Schumers in their party to provide their marching orders. They have no interest in making good on their campaign promises or in standing tall for righteousness.

When confronted, they babble nonsense and point fingers at others whenever they are challenged.

On the other side we have the members of the party in power. You would think that these individuals would seize on the opportunity to help in the building of a better America by identifying the most vital issues and suggesting legislation that will serve to move the nation in a way that will make us proud.

Instead, they ignore the most sensitive issues, always afraid to stick their useless necks out, and choose to do nothing meaningful - even though we finally have a President who is dedicated to making America great again.

And this president, over and over again, proves he's right by way of measurable results.

Still, gutless individuals remain useless and reluctant to give credit where credit is due.

With the stock market standing at levels never before seen, unemployment at its lowest points, and where nations around the world have come to respect us again because campaign promises are being honored.

And where industry is returning to our shores, because this President has leveled the playing field, where a wall is being constructed on our southern border so that we can control illegal entry of drugs and people who would rather break the law then honor it, and who will be kept away from harming American citizens.

Where "the swamp" is effectively being cleared with useless waste being removed, where our aging infrastructure is being corrected and much much more is unfolding.

Still so many elected officials would rather sit on their hands and do nothing of any meaningful consequence.

Yes, we need to track the day-to-day movements of our elected officials and add those who are useless to the "swamp" that is being swept out of Washington.

It's time for politicians to account for their time and get paid ONLY for the meaningful things that they accomplish.

Neither babbling nonsense or the marching to the tune dictated by the obstructionists count.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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