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Don’t blame the NRA

April 12, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Charles Hampton's letter in The Breeze. The NRA wasn't responsible for the increase in the sale of guns and ammo, it was the disaster known as Barack Obama. Every time he would go on one of his anti-gun rants, sales of weapons would rise. The writer claims to be a Republican, yet sounds like a leftist. We have to blame the NRA and make more laws to take away the rights of law abiding citizens. We all know passing more laws will stop all the killings just like making heroin and cocaine illegal has stopped all drug use.

If what is claimed is true, why is the murder rate higher in London than New York? Why do the cities with the highest crime rates have the strictest gun laws? Why does Switzerland have an extremely low murder rate when over 90 percent of the public own guns? Why do the vast majority of shootings take place in gun free zones where people are defenseless?

Penalizing law abiding gun owners with newer and tougher restrictions will not work. A crazy person who wants to kill will simply use an explosive (Timothy McVeigh) or a truck or a knife.

My wife and I are proud supporters and members of the NRA. If I am able to take anything positive from the letter it is that it encourages me to make a nice contribution to the NRA and furthers my support of the U.S. Constitution. Just today, my wife and I had lunch with an old friend. We discussed the letter and he is joining the NRA and we are taking him to a range where he intends to buy a semi-automatic for self protection. He also will apply for a concealed carry permit. So see, the writer is accomplishing some good. It makes me want to stand up to the misguided students being used by the left to further their gun-grabbing agenda. It makes me want to publicly speak out against the likes of David Hogg grabbing his 15 minutes of fame. I guess he wants to be the Abbie Hoffman of his generation.

I will continue to support politicians who share my view whether they receive support from the NRA or not, although if they are, they probably share my sentiments. Finally, I would hope we would come up with some serious answers to these killings without running around like headless chickens yelling for a bunch of solutions that will solve nothing.

Timothy Sampson

Cape Coral



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