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Save our wildlife; keep eagle nest setbacks

April 12, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A proposed Eagle Ordinance in Cape Coral will be discussed at Monday's Cape Coral City Council meeting, with the board expected to vote at its next regular meeting on Monday, April 23. They will decide whether to rescind the 1100-foot Eagle Ordinance they adopted about two years ago.

Eagles need our protection in the Cape. Without this quiet protection zone, the eagles will have a harder time to raise their eaglets and the adults will abandon the nest if construction noise is too loud. With an 1100-foot setback, it will be a quieter, safer place to raise their youngsters.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service examines everything within a 1200-foot circumference when looking at eagle protection cases. This shows us that the 1100-foot setback is not that much out of line when it comes to a safe nesting area for them. It is empirical evidence.

We asked the council people about two years ago to keep the ordinance intact and they did. I can only hope that this council will do the same.

Other reasons why: I cited my 27 years in the U.S.military, which honors the U.S. eagle as our nation's sacred symbol of freedom and justice. Every service man and woman fights for our revered symbol, honoring our country's sacred symbol, the bald eagle.

Honor them by keeping this ordinance.

Every eagle is precious in Cape Coral and taking away this ordinance will hinder the eagles from staying and raising their families here. We all know that our eagle cam in North Fort Myers has been viewed by over 160 million people from over 60 different countries. Prichard has become a family name in America and the world. This is how important the eagles are across the globe, not just in this country.Veterans would be honored to keep the ordinance intact.

The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife Board, voted to keep the 1100-foot setback just last Monday. One of our goals is to protect the eagles. This will also protect other wildlife in the vicinity of the eagle's nest as well as the eagles. This ordinance will really help the eagle's nest on the old golf course and the other birds and wildlife that reside there.

We need stronger environmental regulations in the Cape, not weaker ones Please vote no on rescinding this ordinance. Why to we have to be like everyone else? We can be the leaders in eagle ordinances.

And the fact is that the duration of the ordinance is really not that long. People can wait a little to build their swimming pools as one of the complainants wishes to do.

Everyone, please come out to the Cape Coral City Council meeting in council chambers on Monday, April 16, at 4:30 p.m. and help keep the ordinance at 1100 feet. Phone (239-574-0437), leave a message for the mayor and council members or email them, too.

Save our wildlife.

Carl Veaux

Cape Coral



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