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Vote Republican

March 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Even at this early date, I thought it would be prudent to release my version of the Democratic 2018 recommended voting card. It would start like this.

If you want to add $4 trillion dollars to next year's deficit. Vote Republican.

If you want to include child molesters and wife beaters in senior positions of the President's administration. Vote Republican.

If it's OK with you to have 130 unvetted, unapproved people working in the White House, handling classified materials and information, with no security clearance. This would include the Presidents son-in-law and daughter. Vote Republican

If you're OK with many people with absolutely no foreign diplomatic experience representing you at home and overseas. Vote Republican.

This president has lied every day since he was sworn into office. This major flaw in his personality has cause nothing but chaos at home and abroad. He has insulted our friends and doubled crossed one and all. If you're OK with this nonsense, i.e.. Calling other nations of our world "shithole countries" Vote Republican.

Do you want to continue allowing Trump to block any and all measures to implement the wishes of the Congress? Vote Republican.

If you desire to continue the support of Trump's undying love and affection for the Russians and Putin himself. At the cost of this country, I might add. Vote Republican.

Continue the chaos, criminal activity and confusion that exist in the White House every day. Vote Republican.

Continue to have Hannity as our President's keynote advisor. Vote Republican.

10) If you're satisfied with only one legislative accomplishment in one year in office. Vote Republican.

11) If you want to see oil and gas derricks on Florida and Alaska's coastline in the near future. Vote Republican

If you want a President who strongly recommends a government shutdown. Vote Republican.

If you're sick and tired of listening to our rude, obnoxious, sarcastic, lying press secretary, who we are paying her salary and think she should stay in that job. Vote Republican.

If you believe that Trump should reveal his tax records, along with all of his conflict of interest records, as original promised. Vote Republican.

If you think Trump should change his motto on the front of his baseball cap to "Promise Them Everything - Give Them Nothing. "Vote Republican.

If you want a President and staff, who conduct personal, multi-million dollar deals in the White House? Vote Republican.

Do you want a Congress who will continue to rollover and ask Trump for a belly rub? Vote Republican.

Come on, one and all, unless you've been living under a rock or have been drinking a special brand of Hannity's Kool-Aid for the past year, you must have witnessed the harm this carpet bagger has done to our way of life, let alone our democracy. In any case, do you want to continue with a President who refuses to protect our security, even though it is an undisputable fact that we have been attacked by a foreign government? To make matters worse, this bum even refuses to admit that we have been attacked. This is war. What do we hear from Trump? His review of the latest SNL show on TV the night before. Vote Republican.

Never Never Trump

Jim Healy

North Fort Myers



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