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Cape Council should revisit corrugated seawall decision

March 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am a new landowner in southwest Cape Coral, building a home on a freshwater canal, and am voicing my disappointment with the seawall replacement decision to allow corrugated material. My wife and I investigated the Cape and other nearby locations before making a decision where to live. What attracts us to Cape Coral is the appeal of waterside canal living, fresh or salt water, and the uniformity and style that new construction is exhibiting. As some have told us, it's a gated community without gates and maintains high standards for construction and land and water maintenance.

Having been boaters for a few years in the north, we've seen many waterfront properties with varying styles, and appeal of seawalls. What appealed to us in Cape Coral is uniformity as lots become home sites, the seawalls are standardized and relatively attractive.

Our concern is that allowing both corrugated and vinyl "concreate lookalike" seawalls, will diminish the attractiveness and uniformity of the community. If vinyl replicas can look like the current standard concrete, we are very much in favor of that to aid the rebuilding process for those with damaged seawalls. But allowing additional variation via corrugated seawalls will reduce the appeal and value of homeownership in Cape Coral. Corrugated seawalls are cheaper, make the community look cheaper and property values will follow.

We urge decision makers not to diversify the look and feel of what is a great asset and community in southwest Florida. Stick with concrete and similar look-and-feel smooth vinyl seawalls. Do not allow corrugated variants that will reduce the appeal of the Cape and the value of homes and property.

Scott White

Canton, Ohio



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