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Pet courtesy in Cape Coral? Yes, please!

February 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Even though late in doing so, I felt compelled to respond to a letter in your Dec. 29 issue. I was pleased to hear from someone who feels exactly as my husband and I do regarding dogs everywhere!!

The very first day after arriving we walked to the Yacht Club for breakfast. There we encountered two dogs, not on leashes, running around the public bathroom area with their owner just following them around. I had noticed months ago someone has even tried prying the "no dogs on beach" signs off. (Which some people just ignore anyway) The very next day I was getting something out of my vehicle when here comes one large and one small dog up my driveway right past me to my landscaping at the side of my home. (With their owner in tow, I might add) After the larger dog had "done its business," it took the owner a few minutes to find something to pick it up with, which told me he was likely to be in the habit of not picking it up since I had found several signs of that.

I seriously have an issue with people that give their pets all the run they want to go where they want and often walk into people's yards with them to facilitate! My husband and I walk and bike a lot and we can tell you that is the general rule and not the exception.

We are dog lovers ourselves and just lost our precious border collie this past year.

We quite frankly feel sorry for some pets forced to crowded public spaces, hot pavement, etc. Haven't seen many who looked like they were having a good time. (especially at the beach)

We're just asking, please respect people's private property - stay along the easements and vacant lots, let us enjoy our meals, and public events without dodging dogs and leashes.

Glenda Miiller

Cape Coral



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