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City of Cape Coral/LCEC marathon

February 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Lee County Electric Company cooperative has served Cape Coral professionally and with extraordinary care for many years. The cooperative is an organization designed to give back to residents a portion of annual "profits," minus, of course, expenses that are incurred along the way. The combination of exceptional service and resident ownership has proven to be a relationship that has served Cape Coral ratepayers well.

When the contract between LCEC and the city expired, instead of agreeing to a continuation of the relationship, the city decided to play "hard ball" with the contract renewal. Since that time , what has certainly proven to be a "bone head" decision, residents' monies have poured out of both city coffers and the LCEC treasure chest -both at the expense of trusting residents. The only winners have been attorneys who have been paid to the tune of millions of dollars and who have accomplished nothing along the way.

We need an accounting immediately, showing the exact amount of monies spent and the value realized to the Cape citizenry. The LCEC Cooperative has proposed at least four alternative contracts, in an attempt to end the expensive and failed project and it's long past the time when resident monies need to directed towards projects that are meaningful and away from pie-in-the sky nonsense that cannot be cost justified.

The City Council needs to step up to the plate, turn off the irresponsible money spending faucet, and move on with LCEC service.

The monies wasted, of course, cannot be retrieved. However, let's make sure that in the future substantially more care is employed when citizen monies are spent.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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