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Buy, preserve, conserve, old Cape golf course acreage

February 1, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I'm writing in response to a recent letter to the editor, in which the writer states D.R. Horton should've been allowed to develop houses on the old Cape golf course. He believes that the Save Our Recreation petition to keep the golf course green is somehow proof that only a small percentage of residents feel it should be kept green. That is simply not true! I myself didn't sign the petition (shame on me), but I have been watching this issue closely for years. We need yet another large swath of green space plowed over to make room for a handful of McMansions like we need a hole in our heads.

I've lived in Cape Coral for 26 years, and I've always lamented the lack of a "central park" in this city. The city talks ad nauseam about creating places for cyclists (I am one, too), however, talk is non-existent over creating a place for joggers and pedestrians to enjoy some natural scenery.

The current parks in Cape Coral just don't cut it. Rotary Park in the southwest and the trails in the northwest off Old Burnt Store Road are just not suitable for long distance walking/jogging (unkempt and flooded in summer). Glover Bight and Eco Park? Narrow boardwalks and no jogging allowed. The other parks are just too tiny and/or artificial.

I've always wanted a place where I could just drive to, get out and jog and enjoy nature. Currently, you have to drive outside Cape Coral to experience such a place.

I hope the city leaders are reading this. Please don't make the golf course into a sports complex/amphitheater/commercial area like some are proposing. Stop evicting wildlife, and make the course into a well-maintained preserve like Lakes Park in Fort Myers. You have the chance to turn what precious little green space remains in this city into something unique, a "central park" that all Cape Coral residents and visitors can enjoy for decades to come, not just a privileged few.

Michele Franklin-Ehmry

Cape Coral



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