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Attempt to stop bullying only makes situation much worse

December 22, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

You may have seen the video posted recently on social media by the mother of Keaton Jones, 11, who attends a middle school near Knoxville, Tenn. In it, the little boy talks tearfully about being bullied in school.

"Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It's not OK," the sobbing child says.

Since the video received national notice, Keaton has not been able to return to school. He has received death threats.

Death threats - made to an 11-year-old child whose only crime was trying to stop others from bullying him.

After Keaton's mother did the video, at his request, people "began digging into the family's social media accounts and uncovered photos of Keaton and other family members posing with the Confederate flag," according to a published report.

The pictures were taken two years ago.

But they were enough for bullies - undoubtedly adults as well as children - to label the family as racists. Keaton brought bullying on himself by using a racial slur, his critics claimed.


How is it that adults have allowed and probably even promoted continued abuse of a clearly distraught little boy?

This is wrong. Tennessee authorities should be looking into the situation. Perhaps the tables should be turned on the bullies this time.

- Ogden Newspapers



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