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Have a happy Thanksgiving

November 16, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Thanksgiving, like Independence Day, is a true American holiday.

Steeped in tradition, basted in symbolism, Thanksgiving is the day we, as a people, pause to give thanks for the things for which we are grateful - food on the table, family and friends, the same simple things that marked the first celebration.

Thanksgiving this year also shares something else with that first - we eat, and we celebrate, and we give thanks for the harvest of another year although times are troubling and we, as a nation, face challenges and uncertainties both at home and abroad.

Still, in keeping with our most American of traditions, this Thanksgiving let us put aside, if only for a day, those issues and give thanks for the things that are good here at home - companionship, the scents of roasting turkey and hot pumpkin pie.

Let us be thankful, too, for the return of opportunity, the opportunity to make our own way for ourselves and our families, one of the bastions that sets our country apart.

Here in Cape Coral, despite some internal turmoil, despite a serious storm, we have been blessed.

First, we are fortunate to have a good local economy, confirmed by numerous national benchmark analyses.

Forbes has ranked Cape Coral the No. 1 "Fastest Growing City in the U.S.;" the Cape culled a No. 1 ranking for anticipated job gains, and we received a top 10 national ranking as a city with the most anticipated economic growth.

Second, the lingering remnants of the Great Recession are well behind us: Our housing market remains stable, protecting home values and construction jobs. What's more, we're in an upswing, good news for families whose largest single investment is their home. This year, Cape Coral received a top 10 ranking for housing investment in the U.S. and Trulia ranked Cape Coral-Fort Myers as No. 2 among the Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, we are thankful that Cape Coral is a good place to live and work.

Our city has been recognized as a top 10 destination for people looking to relocate and a "best city" in which to both start a family or retire. We are No. 3 among Florida's most affordable cities, No. 3 among the "happiest cities" in which to live in Florida and again have earned a top spot among the safest cities of similar size across the country.

For all of these things - and more- we are grateful.

We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

- Breeze editorial



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