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Vote Schneider

November 3, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I don't generally write letters to the editor but I'm compelled to voice my opinion this time.

I try to pay attention to society, different groups and people in general. The political climate of the past several months has been incredibly unsettling. The hate mongering, fear tactics, hate-filled rhetoric on the national level seem to have made their way into state and local levels. The local level is the reason for this letter. I'm not used to the supposed "non partisan" type of elections and I do like to know who is a member of what, and I find it's all too easy to figure that out by the degree of negativity and catch phrases used by various candidates. Too often, when politicians use catch phrases or bring specific words in, they mean the opposite, like Transparency, Freedom of Information, just to name a couple that come to mind. In case you haven't noticed, they tend to mean the opposite of the reality. I try to stay aware of who is saying what, what is being posted on social media, told on the news, etc. I also have a few philosophies: You can't have it both ways; You're either for or against; and, a pretty big one for me is, if you don't speak out against something you believe to be wrong, you condone it. Facebook, for example, I will not let somebody attack or bully. If somebody comments using vulgar language or attacking, they either correct or get blocked. I'm sure I've missed a few here and there but, I try to monitor my page well enough so as to minimize. And yes, I've cut loose on some posts but I'm not running for office.

The finger pointing ought to be done in mirrors due to the fact, all too often, the things one accuses another of is what they, themselves, are doing. Elitists, really? That is from a public blog on Facebook.

Photo op of putting up shutters at a friend's residence while the other candidate, no fan fare (except to post offers of safety) provides shelter for several people and their pets. Also on Facebook. Oh, and no photo op.

Who and what party affiliation published private addresses of specific party candidates? Forgive me, I'm from Ohio but have been in most other states and my experience has been, that's a no no. Did I miss something? Coincidentally, just a short time after the release of the addresses, one candidate received a death threat from some spineless coward(s) that snuck up to the door, after dark and hung a flyer with the threat on it. A death threat over somebody running for council?

To me, those incidents speak volumes as to how others will be treated by whom. Elitist Machine, indeed. The hate filled rhetoric has been ratcheted up nationally and, even though I'm fairly new to the area, it certainly seems to be ratcheting up locally. I've never bore witness to so much escalation as I have since January of this year.

I used to be an EMT. I also used to be an Auxiliary Police Officer. Council chambers is not being on the front line to calm tempers or deal with bleeding, avulsions or other injuries. Dealing with hungry people, displaced people, scared people THAT seems more of a test to deal with any city council. Yes, I also read the newspaper's endorsement list and that provided a very solid line. I know who I was going to vote for. Research brought me around to the one I am voting for and I encourage anybody that cares about others to join me in voting for Mr. Schneider. He may not know how to treat an avulsion but he would get the right people in a hurry and be sure the aftercare was done correctly. From reading information that is available to the public or watching the local political TV feed, you would see the zoning commission people don't raise their voices at each other. See, unlike what some seem to believe, there really is more than one person on the zoning board.

I will be voting for the candidate that has a longer list of qualifications that indicate fiscal responsibility, bringing new businesses and families to Cape Coral. Check out the lists, they're free and on Facebook. I believe, Mr. Schneider, to be the better candidate to address what the city needs, in a manner conducive to unifying.

I hope you will join me in voting FOR Cape Coral, for the PEOPLE of Cape Coral, by voting FOR James Schneider. I truly believe him to be the better candidate.

Chris Bacher

Cape Coral



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