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Voting is an American duty — cast a ballot in the Cape’s General Election

October 12, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I took note of the Cape Coral Primary Election turnout, slightly under 13 percent. It leaves one to wonder why? Why would the majority of the registered voters abstain from voting to leave their futures in the hands of the voting minority? Be cautious, because I'm not saying that the people who voted were of any religious, ethnic or racial group. I am saying that the people who exercised their civic duty in the primary shaped some of the outcome of the coming election.

The ballot is the only place in this country where "We, the People" can have a voice to shape the political machines that tax us, make our laws, and change the character of our Nation. This may have been a 'minor' primary, but if it eliminated someone who could have made a greater Cape Coral possible, my fellow citizens who did not educate themselves on the issues and did not vote-simply rendered the next few years to chance rather than choice.

It is easy to be apathetic. Maybe you didn't vote for our President, our Senators, or our Congressman. You might not have a happy opinion of city, county, or state officials. With less than 13 percent turn-out in the primary, nothing much may change in your favor. But if we, as citizens, start educating ourselves on the issues and reach out enough to ask just the neighbors on either side of us to get out and vote to make a change, more people might be happier with the outcomes, not just of the elections, but with the progress that a real voting electorate brings with it.

People died to get what we sometimes take for granted. People have been dying for the right to vote for a long time, long before this country even existed. A lot of people died to get the right to vote since this country's birth. They fought to eliminate poll taxes, literacy tests, and militant opposition to giving everyone the right to vote. My only hope is that we will rally in this upcoming election and show the children of this nation what actions truly make one a citizen, a participant in a democratic republic. Otherwise, we stain the very ground that patriots once defended.

James Fitz-Gerald

Cape Coral



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