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Time to get serious about saving public money

July 14, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A few comments on last weeks Cape Coral Breeze front page article "Cape officials weigh property valuations bump."

It looks like the city officials are again looking at lowering the property tax millage rate, and again will shout how any millions they have saved our residence. Again this will be another one of their lies to the Cape Coral taxpayers.

If this council was serious in saving us real dollars they would lower the "Fire Tax" the same amount that the property tax increase is going to be. Councilman Williams stated in the past that lowering the millage rate only helps those taxpayers who are not full time residents and own property. Mr. Williams, why haven't you been able to convince the rest of your council that they are not helping the full-time residents one bit by just lowering the millage rate.

This city manager and council have wasted over a million dollars of taxpayers money trying to negotiate with LCEC. It is time this Council starts helping the residents by lowering our taxes and start finding ways to save money. One way would be to rein in on hiring of consultants for everything and start saying NO to this city manager; he needs to start doing things with the resources he already has, period. And yes, it is time to end the negotiations with LCEC before you waste another million dollars of our money.

Richard C. Perry

Cape Coral



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