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Opening the spigot

May 19, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

If Trump is going to "drain the swamp" a good place to start would be with the mainstream media.

The sky is not falling. The birds are still flying and the fish are quite happy in the water.

This is not the case with the MSM. There is a frantic turmoil emanating from this group because of their belief, albeit as expected, that they can now unload their current supply of barbs to cast at the President. The paramount question to be asked is whether or not these new tidbits are true. Who cares; they are negative in nature and that is the only ingredient that they require.

Those who are so engaged with this tactic will scream to remind us of the "freedom of the press," and they will wear that slogan as a sure sign of their patriotism. But is it patriotism to seek only bold headlines in the press or other media? Would facts destroy them? The screens of countless televisions are bathed in a sea of media despair. And yet, with all this counter productiveness, the MSM continues to enjoy a level trust with many in the population.

But the MSM is not alone in the political struggle to undermine the success of President Trump and thereby cause problems. The MSM is supported by the Democrats in Congress who appear to spend most of their day in meetings discussing how to rid the White House of this political usurper. They will fail. The people who are the real main stream spirit of this country at the present are as silent as a bell in an abandoned church: But the faithful are awakening. They have questions to ask, in turn. The answers should be enlightening, especially those from the MSM who appear only to have the mental range of a windshield wiper. As for the Democrats in Congress, what are they doing for the population that could be considered worthwhile? The questions that they will have to provide will be quite instructive.

.the spigot is being turned ondripdrip drip !

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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