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Irrigation water meters — another utility cost coming?

April 21, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Councilmember Marilyn Stout mentions at the Council Meeting Monday night that she is in favor of meters on our irrigation water useage! The city manager agrees with her! He will investigate it and bring back the info to the Council for its consideration. With water levels in the fresh water canals so low, the sea walls are in danger of collapsing. They should have been adding more water from their deep wells, which have plenty of water, to the irrigation system from the get-go. All they have to do is pump it out of the ground.

Initially, you could use all the irrigation water you wanted for a flat fee never to be metered! Then they went to three days a week, then two days a week and now one day a week. Now they are going to be studying putting in meters, to be able to charge you more money! Sounds fair doesn't it?

With the shortage of irrigation water they are talking of approving 500 more homes on the golf course property. They cannot supply those already on the system so why not add 500 more homes to the system?

Also at Monday night's meeting, when Marni Sawicki doesn't approve of what you are saying she interrupts you, makes ridiculous faces, and gavels you. When Citizen's Input is over, she goes on a tirade with slanderous statements against you! Her slanderous statements against me were lies, finishing off by calling me a witch! She also berated me for leaving the chambers before she could go on her tirade against me. Why would I want to stay and listen to that effluvia with no ability to respond? More importantly, I had to get home to cook dinner for my husband! She stated repeatedly that I was the one responsible for them having a Civility Pledge right before Citizen's Input! That is, again, an unmitigated lie! She has the temerity to say this with a straight face! She would be wise to retract those statements she made against me as I do not take kindly to her slandering my good name and will seek legal advice!

Anyone that knows anything knows I was not even attending many Council Meetings when this pledge was put in place due to my husband's many serious health issues. The only meeting I attended regarding the civility pledge was on Sept. 12, 2016 and the video is available on the City website to see what my demeanor was. I did speak up against it at this meeting along with approximately almost 20 people. There was never a vote on the Pledge that Marni reads before Citizen's Input.

She promised in an interview where she stated that she was not going to re-run for mayor that we would now see the real Marni. Well folks, this is the real Marni, warts and all!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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