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Mandatory one-day watering

April 21, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

By now everyone has heard that we will be going to one day a week watering in Cape Coral. An old saying was, "Cape Coral is paradise." Today paradise is brown, not green. We like to find an excuse where it leaves you with no one to blame. That sounds good but it is far from true. The truth is poor management for our city. Today we look to City Manager John Szerlag. But he and all the current city managers are only responsible for future errors. Because our family has been here since 1962 when there were no bridges and 1500 residents we have seen a lot of changes and most of them were not for the better. We had one small fire house, one small fire engine and the firemen were local volunteers. Now think of what we have and how many buildings are sitting empty. We have too many police with nothing to do except give tickets. We have a large water plant which cost us millions and new equipment that we bought new and let it sit outside and rust unused and sold it at auction.

Now today we are facing a water shortage. I bet no one told you of when we had an offer of a desalinization plant in Cape Coral. They promised if they came in, we could have all the water we could ever use. They would guarantee lower-than- average water prices for 10 years and then allow competition to rule. They would supply water for all the houses and lawns both built and projected. Also supply water for the Six Flags Over Florida. Which was, of course, refused by our enlightened council persons. But instead of accepting this offer our then-council said it could bring in a "criminal element." Did they consider the property values going up?

When Cape Coral first began noticing that we were entering a drought, they tried to get additional water from Fort Myers. Fort Myers made them an offer and Cape Coral refused. Did they ask their constituents? No, they just told them it was too high. They were asking a few cents per 1000 gallons. Did they consider how much money would be lost by property owners? Now they are trying to get water from Southwest Aggregates Mining. Sprinklers in the medians of many Cape Coral roadways can be seen running all day long; former council member Chris Chulakes-Leetz called the city, "the biggest violator of the watering schedule."-

What does all this mean to us today? Three weeks ago it was on a local news station that water in the medians was running excessively. The city's excuse was there must be something wrong with the sprinklers. We will need to have maintenance to fix them. Friday, on Pelican Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway, they had flooded the median and water was running across the street. They hadn't bothered to fix them yet were bragging about how they had given 5,000 citations. Now they want to hire more code enforcers. Does this sound like they know what they are doing?

Mary West

Cape Coral



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