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Officials in glass houses...

April 21, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The vultures are circling our Charter Schools! Our city leaders are supposed to be somewhat intelligent and mature adults to handle the affairs of the city. Here in Cape Coral we have a bunch of consultants that come and go as the mood swings or whenever our leaders feel challenged. They do not know what to do when presented a small challenge from our Charter Schools. Now they have decided that they want those in charge at the Charter Schools fined or sent to jail.

We have "three peas in a pod," our manager, mayor and an ex cop from Chicago, who are the ring leaders wanting this to happen. Our ex cop chose Easter weekend to send a "Letter to the Editor" indicating we have some "criminals" running our Charter Schools and they need to be punished.

The Cape Coral Breeze on April 7 had an editorial concerning the Charter Schools audit and a city audit, quoting the Breeze "last year the city conducted at least five routine internal audits among its departments" it goes on to say "There were combined 22 findings and five reportable conditions" and goes to say "None came to the Audit Committee headed by Mayor Sawicki for a recommendation to Council"

These three "peas in a pod" need to take a few steps back and just look in the mirror.

For starters how about how about the "Open Mic" episode a few years ago concerning our manager and hiding something from a former councilman?

How about the "dirty mess" we had with the last city election, certainly uncalled for and very immature.

The city leaders need to look in the mirror and see how the LCEC negotiations are going. Our city manager said he wants the very best for our residents and lowest rates possible. So what did they do - add a city tax of 7 percent on our electric bill. Our manager and council added a fire tax (which has nothing to do with fire) and, in the process, sued all the taxpayers in Cape Coral. Now they are lowering our "real property tax," helping our snowbirds, and doing harm to our veterans, those with disabilities, and lower income seniors. They have doubled our water and sewer bills to pay for the new water plant. Now they have taken $13.1 million out of our water account to buy land, including parcels in Matlacha, and getting sued in the process. Most recently they have taken another $186,657 from the water account, all of this without lowering our water bills back to where they were.

The city manager and Council need to hire auditors from the county clerk of court to look at all of the dealings going on in Cape Coral, including the manager's "open mic" mess. The audit needs to look at our water account, the city's cash cow, and certainly the red ink associated with Sun Splash.

If our Charter Schools can work with the Lee County School administration on their questions and help with their financial dealings it would be so much better for all concerned. I question the city manager and Council having their own auditor and the manager hiring one of his buddy consultants, someone not needed, to delve into the charter schools.

Our Charter Schools deserve a lot better advice than the terrible treatment the have been given by the city. No wonder our city administration is the laughing-stock of the county.

Richard C. Perry

Cape Cora



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