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Time for publicly funded elections

March 17, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Let me explain "trickle-down theory" MY way. If you give tax breaks to the rich they will spend the money on: mansions (good), vacation homes (good), gardeners, servants, etc., (good), all the things that create jobs for Americans; foreign travel (not so good), and, eventually, they will spend money on ELECTIONS (very bad). "We," (the little people) will also spend money on elections, and our $100 for President, $50 for Senate races, maybe $25 for Congressmen adds up to a fortune. But not the kind of fortune that buys access, influence, and lowers taxes for us. Our money goes into the Party Pot, to help convince people to vote for our side. THEY (the big donors) start with $1000/plate dinners and get into the quadruple digits in donating the kind of money that gets them all the access, influence and tax breaks that we have just supplemented with our multitude of (puny) little donations So, not only do WE (the little people) support the rich, WE support the poor, and the handicapped. So, what to do? How to end this charade? PUBLICLY FUNDED ELECTIONS. If we're ever going to get control of our government, we should stop all monies except those that we, the people, designate for elections. Added benefits will be; give them the money 60 days before the election, Free speech isn't free. But free elections aren't free either. Take back the country!

Nathan Blyveis

Cape Coral



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