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City approach is the issue

February 10, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It would appear from previous Council meetings and the media that there is an obvious effort on the part of the Mayor et al to disparage our Charter School System. It clearly is a vendetta, in my opinion. All over one teacher not getting her contract renewed who, by the way, is married to the financial director for Cape Coral.

How far are some members on the Mayor and Council et al willing to go to vilify our Charter School System?

The Charter School System has been a crown jewel for the city. The Mayor et al actions of late clearly are an attempt at undermining the school. Why did the mayor blatantly and viciously attack the superintendent at a Council meeting and then wonder why he did not show up for the last meeting? Why would he do that, so she could attack him again? Where was her civility?? That pledge she reads at every meeting prior to Citizens Input applies to the mayor and council also!

The city auditor did an audit of the school finances and found no big problems on as reported on Jan. 23. Now it comes to my attention that the city manager hired a consultant to do a financial sustainability analysis on the Charter School System at a cost of $27,788 on Feb. 2!

What about the Governor promising to add more money for charter schools? Why not wait and see what he has to offer?

Why not use the Clerk of The Courts to do a financial sustainability analysis at a substantially lesser cost?

Where was the due diligence? No regard for the taxpayer in spending of taxpayer money! The city manager did not even do an RFP to find the best price, just gave it to his favorite company!

This whole situation is shameful, to say the least.

The mayor and the financial director should recuse themselves, post haste - the financial director is married to the teacher whose contract was not renewed and the mayor for the blatantly poor taste in the way she has handled this situation and her social relationship with this teacher.

With regard to the old golf course. A lot has been said about the cost to acquire it. The city should have gone about negotiating a price to acquire it. The city has already spent approximately $27.105 million for property for Festival Park through eminent domain and there is not even a park bench there! This has been going on for years (at least 10 years) and there is no real end in sight!

I implore the Council to NOT change the zoning for the old golf course property! This property has tremendous potential for the city and the city should make every effort to acquire it either by purchase or eminent domain.

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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