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Keep the city, and its consultants, out of the charter schools

February 10, 2017
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Thank you, Cape Coral Breeze newspaper, for your editorial on the Cape Coral charter schools. You certainly told it like it is, including City Manager Szerlag's wanting to get in the middle of the financial issue at the schools.

Quoting one of the paragraphs, "We suggest that Council pull politics - and emotion - out of the process. It's time to go out of house and we don't mean more pricey consultants who too often deliver foregone results." Our city manager hires a consultant each and every bump in the road; the one that really gets me is the one he hired to see what we are going to pay for water and sewer each month.

If the city manager stopped hiring consultants for the rest of 2017 and got rid of the ones that are here now the city could see a savings of many thousands of dollars if not over a million.

We just had high-priced consults do a study on our parks etc. and as a result we will see a question on our ballot in the upcoming election if we want to borrow money to make happen what the consultants came up with. Some time ago I mentioned in a letter to the editor that we have a number of high schools in the city and why not have the schools young adults come up with a plan instead of hiring expensive consultants. I now read of Councilman Williams starting a youth group with students from each school to get input from them as to their ideas to help the city. Wouldn't it have so much better if we had waited for this group to come up with plan for our parks etc. instead of this very costly study done by high cost consultants coming from somewhere outside of Cape Coral that know nothing about our city the way our young people do?

The city manager has wasted thousands on getting a new agreement with LCEC he has also got himself and mayor into a lot of trouble with their insults and childish actions. I have said before that I thought the city should have had local citizens handle the negotiations and had five names that would have been in the best interest of Cape Coral. One of those persons, Joe Mazurkiewicz, is now one of the persons talking with LCEC. It is time the city manager pull all his other expensive consultants out and let Mr. Mazurkiewicz do his job and get this mess cleaned up.

In closing I hope the Charter schools can keep the city manager and the rest of his gang out of your business; he will only make it a lot worse than it is

Richard C. Perry

Cape Coral



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