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Yes, the system is rigged and yes, we must tax the rich

July 17, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The system is rigged to favor rich, corporate America and the governing class. We are working day in and day out just to exist . Each day we realize we are just running in place.

The crisis was planned and therefore avoidable. It doesn't matter which Democratic president inherited it, management of the crisis would've been about the same. The Republican-tea party Congress would have been there to oppose and continue their plan to weaken government and any power to the people. Either Democratic president would have tried to oppose them, protect the people, and outmaneuver them.

President Obama made mistakes some of the same mistakes made by President Clinton. Mr. Clinton gave the Republican president a surplus (advice of Alan Greenspan.) Much of the surplus was gained by decreasing the middle-class cushion. The Republican president quickly gave tax breaks to the rich (advice, Alan Greenspan) and Corporate America. President Obama agreed to deficit reduction (eliminating entitlements) then spent any gain on extending tax cuts to the rich. That was especially bad in the face of high unemployment, low inflation, and low interest rates. The deficit was not a major issue. Production from the economy was the issue (creating jobs. ) He should have told the congress to go to hell.

We are still faced with the same issues used by the Conservatives to create this mess: Union busting, deregulation (especially the financial sector ), free-trade, smaller government (continued attacks on the middle class). The Congress continues to strengthen its financial advantage and by the next election will have more strength to purchase elections.

Do we have a fighting chance? Only if someone stands up and says "Hell no I want take this anymore." We need someone to do this. Stop the bleeding and start America on a course to recovery. This election cycle is critical.

Yes, the Rich and Corporate America are getting more than their fair share .They are abusers and are paying less tax than many middle-class Americans.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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