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A ‘bucket list’ for Congressman Clawson

July 3, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I propose the following "bucket list" for newly elected Congressman Curt Clawson:

First and foremost, recognize that there is global warming and CO 2 levels must come down now. April and May were some of the hottest months on record. Global warming is here. We here in Florida do not wish the state to be flooded by seawater 10 or 20 years down the road. Sea levels in Florida are rising as I write this.

Second, but just as important, is to clean up Lake Okeechobee. We need a flow way to be built on the south dike so the water from the lake will flow south into the Everglades. But before this water can be released to the Glades, it needs to be treated and cleaned in huge settling ponds. We need to buy the land from the sugar cane growers and commission studies on ways to make the water pure for all that live in the Glades, for the American Indians and wildlife, and even for drinking water. Do not mention C-43 Reservoir to me, which is almost a joke. It will clean up just a fraction of water that needs to be cleaned.

Our DRGR needs to become a National Wildlife Refuge for our future water needs and numerous panthers that live there. The Babcock Ranch where Mr. Kitson intends to develop needs to be purchased by the federal government for a wildlife sanctuary and/or park. Sen. Nelson knows of these needs but is slow to do anything about it .Work with him, please, on these two vital environmental issues.

Immigration. The farmers and ranchers need immigrants to grow livestock and pick our crops. They have been doing this for centuries. Otherwise there will be no crops or beef. Find a way to keep these laborers.

Carl Veaux

Cape Coral



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