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Problems in Cape Coral

July 3, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

All the taxpayers in Cape Coral should be proud of their city. This city has gone down the drain in the last few years and it's a shame. Where does our tax money really go?????

Our parks are a disgrace. Jaycee Park, the prettiest location one city can have, and it's filthy. The covered areas where picnic tables are need to be cleaned, or replaced; they are just plain neglected. The trees need to be taken care of. Most of them are dying from the air plants and they all need trimming. Trash cans need to be emptied more often, flies are taking over. Money was spent on Astroturf for the kids area - we live in Florida, grass grows.

Four Freedoms Park. It's called a beach, but you can't swim there. That is not a beach. It's just a giant sandbox for mostly dogs to do their business, and I have seen it being done.

Expansion on Lafayette. Biggest waste of our money. We don't have tourists or folks who live here walking around day or night. All that great work will never be enjoyed by anyone. There are a couple of restaurants on that street but believe me, I don't think they care either way, especially since the layout with the trees on the sides makes it difficult for parking.

Fix the clock at the intersection of Del Prado and Cape Coral Parkway. Each side has a different time and not one is correct. Fix it or get rid of it. As long as I can remember, it has not worked.

Medians need to be spruced up, a leak is a constant on Del Prado near Trebing Tile.

The Christmas tree we have is a joke, get something new or don't put one up. It's very sad and I hear this from people just in walking around at the holidays.

As homeowners we have to take care of our yards, why doesn't the city take better care of the streets? They fix potholes with asphalt and the next time it rains the asphalt is soft and breaking.

Signage has changed a little but not enough, make everything the same or similar in a strip mall. Mostly all the little strip malls on Del Prado are trashy looking. Make the landlords accountable for their appearance. They wonder why the business levels are down? I won't go into those stores or restaurants so why should "tourists or snow birds?" Look how nice Pine Island Road looks from Foster's until Bob Evans.

We should be proud of living in Cape Coral but I don't think many people are anymore. When things break, fix them. There is always a way to get things done.

Try, try, try to get more businesses in Cape Coral, not just restaurants and coffee shops that only hire a few people. Get some bigger companies in like Fort Myers and Naples do to get the economy going again. We have all the industrial parks here and most places are empty (I know because I worked in one for almost 10 years). Give companies some incentive to move here.

Donna A. Galati

Cape Coral



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