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Parking plan ‘totally unacceptable’

June 5, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We wrote the following letter to the mayor of Cape Coral voicing our opinion regarding the handling of the Yacht Club - commercial venture of the Boathouse and the parking situation:

Dear Mayor,

As residents of Cape Coral, homeowners and taxpayers we are outraged at what is going on at the Yacht Club. Our Park and Recreational area is for the use and enjoyment for the people who live in Cape Coral. To put a commercial venture as you have allowed is utterly ludicrous. It is almost impossible to park and as senior citizens we can no longer count on a spot somewhat close to the beach or activities. To have prime valet parking which will cost us taxpayers additional monies is totally unacceptable. You have the employees of the park parking their cars past the tennis courts and the employees of the Boat House parking just adjacent to your valet parking, taking more prime spots away from us -when I say us I mean taxpayers who now are asked to pay twice? $3-$5! to park.

Apparently the City of Cape Coral caters to the commercial ventures -no matter that they are on Park and Recreational property.

What's next? Are we going to close the pool, stop weddings and affairs in the banquet hall? And Wednesday sunsets due to the inability to park Cape Coral resident cars?

Maybe we should condemn a few more blocks at taxpayers' expense to provide parking for this commercial venture which the City and Council seems to approve.

Gee I wonder why? $$$$!

Thomas Balletto

Bridget Balletto

Cape Coral


This is not a destination. This is a neighborhood park and beach, but the council would have it as a "destruction" of a neighborhood park.



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