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The bang for our buck

February 20, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Bang for the buck - that's the question. We're paying taxes. Supporting a President and a Congress and it's time that we found out what we're paying for and are we getting our monies worth?

In the private sector successful companies, on a regular basis, analyze the production of each employee and measure it against the company cost to maintain that individual. For the sake of propriety, there should be no difference as far as the political arena is concerned.

Let's start with the President. Six years ago, while campaigning for the Presidency, Mr. Obama opined that a $7 trillion national debt was un-American, shameful, and despicable. He assured us that as President he would deal with the debt and reverse this disgrace so that generations to come would not be saddled with a liability that they did not deserve. Now, five years into his Presidency, the national debt stands at $17 trillion and is projected to exceed $20 trillion by the time this President leaves office. If we couple this with the fast and furious debacle, the Benghazi disaster, and the IRS disgrace, one must ask "What the heck are we paying for?"

Mr. Obama is a very personable man. He's a wonderful speech maker. He has a charming family. But his obvious inability to govern has left America in shambles and his personal enrichment has not provided us with OUR monies worth. As for the Congress, this group has been classified as the worst "do nothing" Congress in American history. If we totaled the expense to maintain the United States Congress and then listed the accomplishments we would be appalled. No private sector business could possibly survive with this kind of "do nothing" operational record! And, in response to this,

Harry Reid believes that the answer is to point fingers at the Republicans.

So here's the deal, this is the only solution to solving the sickening record of our Washington failures. When a promise is made during campaigning, and when elected that promise is not kept, that is grounds for immediate dismissal. No finger pointing and no excuses, it's immediate dismissal period! Next, the method of payment. Serving is called "public service," not "the road to personal enrichment." All public servant salaries and expense accounts should be cut in half and there should be no special considerations. We must stop over-paying useless individuals that are migrating to the public sector not because they want to serve but only because they cannot survive in a successful business arena. It's long past the time when we discontinued the games and conducted our selves in a respectable and accountable fashion. We deserve better than we're getting!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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