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Time to live the dream

January 30, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Black history month, "I had a dream that all men were created equal," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., over 40 years ago, a registered Republican, a soldier for freedom, and his dream was that the color of skin should not determine the value of a human being.

In General Robert E. Lee County, we have a history of all colors of soldiers and a history of black soldiers; U.S. Colored Infantry established in 1862, all fighting for freedom. These are freedom fighters who served our country through turbulent decades and failed to secure state's rights and prohibition of slavery.

We still have a central federal government that mandates laws reserved for our states and we still have authorized federal government slavery. For those who may say state's rights are being infringed upon but slavery is prohibited, I refer you to the 13th Amendment that we were told freed the slaves. There you will find an exception clause, "except for convicts." Convicts can be enslaved and are enslaved. There are too many people in jail within our country and a large percentage are members of the black population and today's enslavement includes all colors. Slavery exists in our jails and it exists through dependency on government and, if you oppose government, you may become enslaved.

It is my opinion that we have a President that ignores our U.S. Constitution and political leaders; a President that circumvents Congress and blames congressional representatives as uncooperative racists; and then passing unilateral legislation and circumventing and changing law with his pin through presidential executive orders.

We have our first black President who inspired many to believe in hope and change, then this president lied to our country surrounding health care; lied about Bengazhi; led our soldiers, Seal Team Six, to their death in an inappropriate CH-47 helicopter mission and leaving many others to die because of Presidential incompetence.

We have a President who fails to support Israel and Egypt and denies burial rights to fallen soldiers and their families, closes WW II memorials to 90-year-old soldiers, and supports Middle East terrorists that burn our flag, threatening us with nuclear bombs and mutilating our soldiers' dead bodies.

Racism, hatred, distrust, blaming, support for drug use, arrogance, hypocrisy, financial ruin from an increased federal debt ceiling, extravagant spending for vacations that border on fraud, and the most dishonorable that should insult his own race, enslaving his own people and others with dependency on government programs such as food stamps, unemployment, SSI and student loans.

While enslavement and federal dependency is no longer a skin color issue, I believe the "Dream" is being destroyed with rants of racism encouraged by this president. The "Dream" is our personal responsibility for each of us to seek freedom, to end racism through tolerance and understanding so all have equal opportunities.

So, honor black history month, keep the dream alive, we now need a leader who walks the talk, a proven leader, a fearless fighter who does not blink, loves our country, represents all regardless of skin color, means just what he says, can take Capitol Hill, believes in God, family and country; stands for "Death before Dishonor," and will not leave anyone behind. Lee County has a history of soldiers fighting for freedom; we have a war-proven soldier that announced his candidacy for congress on Martin Luther King Day. My suggestion is, look for the soldier and send him to Congress.

Jack Mattachione

Former 5th Special Forces Airborne Medic, US Army Medically Retired, 100% disabled veteran



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