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Washington needs leadership

January 16, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Obama administration, along with hundreds of elected officials, continues to destroy America in every way possible. With "finger pointing" becoming more intense, and politicking replacing propriety, there is no doubt that solutions will not be forthcoming and the nation will continue to lose respect at home and around the world.

The statement from the President, "I feel their pain" is both disingenuous and just plain disgusting. Only those experiencing the hardships "feel the pain" and surely those who are being paid handsomely to do a job, who are spending their time babbling nonsense, are not suffering in any way! These individuals, despicably, are more interested in political posturing then in saving America by solving the nation's most pressing problems.

No. 1 on the hit parade is our need to cut the deficit. The mortgaging of our childrens future is not only immoral, it illustrates to the world that our President and Congress are nothing more than care-less idiots who should find employment elsewhere.

The obvious answer is not in more taxes along with a continuation of reckless spending; smaller government and the immediate elimination of money wasting is the only solution.

You know it and we know it. Why not just do it and stop the endless drivel? A deficit of $17 trillion dollars, and climbing, is shameful; Democrat or Republican, it's a national disgrace and every public official should share in the infamy and either solve the problem or resign.

Put your fingers away, we're fed up with the childish antic! Start doing your jobs and earning your salaries.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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