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Tea and sympathy?

January 16, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Last week it was a guest opinion that the "Trickle-down" theory was just propaganda of the labor movement. Absurd. It is the belief that if you give enough incentives to the rich, the "job creators,'' or the big corporations, they will use that advantage to create jobs for the lower classes. It doesn't work that way, because, among many reasons, SMALL business is the real engine of job creation.

Now, this week, Dr. Walter E. Williams so childishly explains "income inequality" that it is below absurd. He explains that the enormous license fee for a New York cab (bad government intervention) prevents the little guy from opportunity to become employed. Would you expect 500,000 cabs to fit on Manhattan? He explains by analogy how unfair it is for government to confiscate the winnings of a great poker player to redistribute to the poor players.

But Dr. Williams doesn't address the advantage of monopoly practices of large corporations to gain control of markets to keep prices artificially high, or oligopoly, where the few big guys act in unison to keep prices high. Or the disadvantages of poor education for people in poor neighborhoods to compete for decent jobs.

The main focus of income redistribution should be to educate the disadvantaged, giving them the opportunity to get decent jobs. Instead, we give them the opportunity to join the military and get decent wages overseas with grave risks and limited futures. Income inequality isn't the only inequality in this country.

The Cape Coral Breeze ought to divest itself of affiliation with the right-wing syndicate that encompasses only "Tea and Sympathy."

Nathan Blyveis

Cape Coral



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