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To the queen and her court?

January 16, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I would like to remind the queen of Cape Coral she and her court (new members of the Slick Six) were voted in to stop the spending and move the city forward, not treat it as her own little kingdom.

I know that some taxes are important than others; most are not, but ways to make up for past mistakes. The P.S.T. tax is a way to make up for the mistake of buying land to start a festival park, which most of us do not know where it is located. We had to send $800,000 to the city of Alvia for a bird sanctuary so we could go forward with this park. Yes, it does save citizens a fee for new construction by not charging a high impact fee to build, but is it worth the cost of a tax to make up the loss of the $800,000?

Now let's look at the F.A.T tax. Was there a way to raise the money by cutting or condensing some of the services from the fire department? I am not saying the firefighters should not be paid a good and fair wage but could some of the support staff have been cut or combined in their duties?

So your majesty what say you to all of this? I hope it is not off with their heads but let's look at this and find a way to fix this or you and your court will be thrown out the next election.

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral



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