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Time to look out for all Americans, not factions

January 9, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

How's that Obama hope and change thing working out for all you Democrats? Hundreds of billions of dollars spent, or wasted, Obamacare causing a rise in out-of-pocket costs and unemployment still so bad that five years of compensation for not finding the right kind of job isn't enough? Now it's the Republican's fault because the unemployed and underemployed still can't find the kind of jobs they want?

Welcome to the Obama Economy. Hope and Change is now doom and gloom. And if you don't want the government to keep borrowing money to cover the unemployed you're just a big old meany. How about the unemployed take any job they can find? How about working two jobs? Americans have been doing both for generations.

Gene Sperling, Obama's economic adviser, stated that for 50 years this country has never let the unemployed down but now, with the expiration of unemployment benefits the Republicans have let them down. That, my friends, is an out-and-out lie. I was on extended unemployment benefits off and on in the late '70s and early '80s while working construction. Never longer than 26 weeks, and there was NO emergency extension of benefits. Sperling is a liar as is his boss, Obama. Of course, the recent bipartisan budget deal, just signed by the president, left out the extension of unemployment benefits so as to make it a political issue. Now the Senate is pushing it to make an issue of the Democrats' "inequality of income" election year stance.

Here's my suggestion for unleashing the economy. Abolish the EPA or at the very least take away it's monopolized power to veto any business model it dislikes. Approve the Keystone Pipeline. Get the government out of bed with the big corporations. Abolish Obamacare and let free markets reign. Explore, drill and develop America's vast energy potential. Become energy self sufficient with every proven use of reserves at our disposal.

Obama has taken our country backwards. Despite all the rhetoric about jobs created during his first term, they didn't keep up with the population growth. The real unemployment rate is closer to 12 percent than 7 percent. Our country continues to slide into malaise. The only thing that will stop the slide is to rid ourselves of government bureaucrats who look out only for themselves. It's past time to look out for ALL the American people, not just the liberal voting bloc.

Zehner Hoffman

Cape Coral



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