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It’s enough already

January 2, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We get the message, some people feel that Trey Radel did the wrong thing, and deserves consequences. But now, having heard this over and over again, the big questions that remain are when, how, and why.

The "when" is when does it end? When do some people feel that it's all been said, over and over again, and shouldn't we move on to other things?

The "how" is how many times is it necessary to kick someone who is down before we are satisfied that he's bruised and bloodied and hears our point of view?

And the "why," which might be the most puzzeling head-scratcher is, why do some feel that this "kicking" of someone who is down serves to provide them with a good feeling? Why, why, on earth does anyone enjoy adding to the pain and suffering this man has endured and why does anyone take pleasure and satisfaction from torturing his wife and his entire family?

All this is not to say that Congressman Radel did not do the wrong thing. Of course he did and certainly we're disappointed. But he's admitted it, he's apologized, he's taken steps to correct the disorder, and he's indicated that he will run again and let the people decide his political future.

Mr. Radel has done all that he can to put his life back on track and now it's time to stop getting gratification from his suffering. It's time to grow up and focus on good things for our enjoyment and satisfaction and accept the fact that "kicking" someone when they are down does not serve to elevate us.

Yes, it's enough already!!!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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