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Give Radel a chance to serve

January 2, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After watching Congressman Trey Radel's response to the news media and reading letters to the editor regarding Trey's return to work. I want to express my support for Trey to continue his work for Southwest Florida as our representative in Congress. Trey has displayed his passion to help others and represent their interest in a congress which is full of professional politicians who do not take responsibility for their mistakes and blame others. Trey showed he is willing to take the heat to complete the dream of others in SWFL and we voted to place him in a position to advocate those dreams.

There are some who feel they need to have the dirty laundry of a personal health issue publicly aired and a detailed explanation. This is just a waste of time however, the facts are Trey made a poor decision because of a health issue and should be allowed to recover with some privacy. This should not be any different than someone who has cancer. Public officials should be allowed some privacy and the public should be willing to allow this privacy. If more charges or information occurs as a result of Trey's disease, I am sure the liberal news media will not miss a step.

There is also some who lack an understanding of the disease Trey has acquired and some who have a strict adherence to punishment and less for forgiveness. Trey did not argue or make excuses and he took immediate action to resolve the problem instead of dragging it out and fighting the system. Questions regarding Trey's sobriety seem to be concerns for some others and this it appears is just a lack of understanding the disease. There are some people with this disease who continue falling to low levels and do not control their disease and then there are those who take the disease and control it. Trey is controlling his disease and I believe will do what it takes to do the next right thing, and if he can not control his disease, he will do the right thing.

There are many in congress, presidents, and law enforcement who suffer from this disease and some drag out the legal system, get presidents killed like in the JFK assassination (Secret Service) and cost the taxpayers enormous amount of dollars through cover-ups or calling their mistakes phony scandals, and then there are people like Trey who makes the right decision and accepts responsibility for his poor judgment, "It is not what happened to you, it is what you are doing about it."

And, then there are also others who strictly judge and punish because of their training and acquired principles in life, however, fail to recognize that some of the most successful people in our society have had periods of poor judgment due to a this same disease.

Trey is not a professional politician, he is a human being with a family, he is a man with principles, he has courage to stand his ground when others would run, he is a leader, he represents our community even with all the public pressures and the political adversaries are clamoring for his demise.

Trey's words are realistic, honorable, caring, and he means what he says. This is something our congress lacks and we should make sure his words and our words are translated to this out of control government in Washington D.C. who spends more then we bring in and cuts military retirement and disabled veterans benefits for socialist and communist policies creating a dependency state. I suspect Trey's free market knowledge and honor for our troops and all our other American values are intact and he will continue to fight for our right to freedom from a big government out of control. Trey will honor our special forces motto "To fight so others can remain free."

Jack Mattachione, MRC

Master's of Rehab Counseling

Former 5th Special Force Group,

US Army Medically retired, Disabled Veteran



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