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The traitors running America

December 20, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

How many more restrictions do our politicians in Washington want to keep putting on Americans?

This is about the worst so far. How dare our Senate and the other politicians who want to cut the retirement payments and regular payments from our military people. It is the military people that should have first consideration in America. It is the military that has kept our country free and safe always.

Our dishonest and anti-Americans in the White House would rather send billions of dollars to other countries knowing some of them hate America and Americans. Why haven't the politicians been thrown out of office and out of our country since they do not respect or appreciate what America stood for and should still continue to stand for?

Our politicians have been receiving huge pay and huge pensions. They should cut out some of their own money to save money in America.

The money being sent to other countries is the tax money Americans pay for.

God bless and protect America against the traitors.

Jennie Pace

Cape Coral



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