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Here comes the F.A.T. tax

December 20, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well let's see now, we got screwed with the PST now we'll get it with the F.A.T. tax. Yes the F.A.T. tax .You know it as the Fire Assessment Tax - F. A. T. It will be used for anything the city manager wants or the new City Council wants. Hmmmm. Can you say more pay raises for city union workers? It is called a Fire Assessment Tax then just leave it at that. Strictly use it for the Fire Department and not anything else.

That judge just gave our city manager and the council a blank check worth millions! Yes, millions of dollars. Whoa, Katie bar the doors.

Why aren't these taxes put before the voters? What is City Council afraid of? Why can't the voters decide?

Yep, our City Council is going to get F.A.T.ter and laugh at us citizens all the way to the bank.

But really I would like to thank the 80 percent of the registered voters who sat back and refused to vote. You all deserve what we got stuck with. Hope you all like it.

James Shannon

Cape Coral



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